Wednesday 7 October 2015

Free Gifts with Purchases by Radioshack

The American chain of electronics Radioshack do now offer several of great promotions, which all consists of free gifts with purchases. The promotions last until 30rd October 2015, which gives customers, plenty of time to purchase these offers. There are 3 different gifts to achieve, which are: A branded power bank, a branded car mobile phone holder and a branded iPhone cover.

Free Gifts with Purchases by Radioshack 
This campaign is a great example of brand activation, because some of the promotional products are branded with the company's name on it. This therefore helps Radioshack to increase brand awareness and then boost sales. 

Offering free gifts with purchases like Radioshack does is a creative and different way to promote your company. People do like to receive free gifts and does therefore pay more attention to campaigns like this. 

Offers like this also makes people buy impulse, because the little gift adds extra value to your product, which will raise sales of the single product line.  

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