Wednesday 25 November 2015

Eden Spa offer fabulous Gift with Purchases

Eden Spa, Nottingham, are offering a fabulous Gift with Purchase available at Eden Hall with purchase of 2 or more Clarins products.The Gift with purchase are 4 free Clarins best sellers and a gorgeous beauty bag.

Eden Spa offer fabulous Gift with Purchases
This is the perfect product to be offered for a company that focuses on the Beauty industry. Traditionally Spa day's have been the favourite of female clientele, and this promotion is clearly focused on this. Though that's not to say that male customers would not appreciate this free gift with purchase. 

Gift with purchase are used many times by companies as a marketing strategy to increase sales and awareness of brand. In regards to Eden Spa, the gift with purchase example is effective due to the type of gift they’re offering. By offering a 4 best sellers and a beauty bag, this will fit perfectly with the type of image Eden Spa wishes to project. As the service they offer is high end, the gift also must be high quality to effectively attract the right client to the product. 

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