Monday 23 November 2015

Help Raise Fundraising Awareness with Branded T-shirts

No matter what their age or tastes, everyone wears T-shirts. That makes customisable shirts a great fundraising idea for schools, church groups, sporting teams, or any other type of organisation.

But what stands completely apart from the fundraising and crowdsourcing for personal needs is donations in the wake of tragedies such as earthquakes, flooding, fire, and other natural disasters and force majeures.

While fundraising campaigns depend on the altruism, empathy and kind hearts of donors, rewarding people for contributing is also an important step. That is why nonprofit organizations should consider using the popularity of apparel as a way to raise awareness.

The Advertising Specialty Institute has recently studied a case about a Texas decorator who launched a T-shirt fundraiser.

According to ASI Central, RiverCity Sportswear created a T-shirt fundraiser to help rebuild its central Texas community after severe flooding which has happened this May, leaving several towns devastated.

Help raise fundraising awareness with branded t-shirts
RiverCity Sportswear’s offices were not directly affected by the flooding, but the company wanted to do something to help the sufferers. According to the statistics, more than 700 homes in central Texas were either damaged or destroyed by the storm.

“When the flood happened, I had the idea of selling T-shirts in order to fundraise money for all of those affected in the area,” said Richard Lopez, director of sales at RiverCity Sportswear.

RiverCity hasn’t set a specific goal for the fundraising effort, but within 12 hours of launching, the company had already sold 80 shirts, the ASI Central says. All of the proceeds are being funneled into rebuilding the community and funding various regional nonprofits.

Less recently, ASI Central highlighted the success of the "Boston Strong" T-shirt project, created in response to the bombings that took place at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Founders Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens were able to sell 60,000 shirts, raising $900,000 in donations.

In July 2015 businesses and individuals responded to the the killings at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston with donations and fundraisers. A day after the tragedy, Christopher Miller, a graphic designer who runs a business near AME Church, launched a Booster t-shirt fundraiser. Within four days he had sold 400 #CharlestonStrong t-shirts and raised more than $3,100.

Help raise fundraising awareness with branded t-shirts
In general, t-shirts create awareness and serve as a lasting symbol of your passion for the cause. Clothing can also help donors identify with an organization and a community of contributors, especially if they see others wearing the same t-shirt. They can recognize the impact of the organization and see the relationship others have with it as well.

We would like to thank ASI Central for the provided information and River City Sportswear for all the good they have done in raising awareness and charity. If you're interested in knowing more on this topic, please visit the Advertising Specialty Institute website.

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