Monday 2 November 2015

New Orleans Pelicans: Effective Giveaway Strategy

New Orleans Pelicans, a major American basketball team are implementing a huge give-away marketing strategy in the aim of increase ticket sales. The team are offering a giveaway at every game they play in the near future. These gifts include bobbleheads, selfie sticks, stormtrooper mugs and more!

At the next game, Tuesday 3rd November, the team are giving away pelican promotional posters. By offering large range of giveaway over a steady period will undoubtedly create the desire effects for the pelicans. The major benefit will be it will attract more customers and further increase there ticket sales.

The campaign is a great example of increasing brand awareness among new potential customers while also rewarding loyal fans. People who never thought to attend a basketball game will potentially think to do so just to get their hand on a gift. Furthermore it is also a great way to make the experience more valuable. Tickets can be expensive and by offering these relevant gift will sure to make buying a tickets worthwhile.

A lot of the items offered here have the logo of the team printed on it, this will further create brand recognition. Ultimately this successful campaign has the potential to have long-term benefits including increased sales and performance.

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