Friday 15 January 2016

PPAIExpo 2016 Overview

Wow! From Fifty Cent performance to an appearance of the Back to the Future DeLorean, think this years #PPAIExpo can certainly be considered a success.   Creativity and strong networking always combine at events like this to get new products launched.

As a promotional gift giver, this years expedition provided some great ideas that can be cleverly integrated into every brands 2016 marketing plans.

Here are a few that we liked below, but we encourage readers to submit their new products and we will be happy to also cover them in our blog.. 

PPAIExpo 2016
PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
These rechargeable heated hand warmers are a great product to kick off the early stages of the new year.

Modern technology are of course moving away from the environment damaging batteries. No surprise then, that heated hand warmers are seemingly shifting that way also.

Including a belt strap, what better way to keep your hands warm?

PPAIExpo 2016
PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
These light-up glow sticks were provided at the well-coveraged retro party held at the expo.

Cleverly ingrained brand logos is a great way to gaining brand awareness, and getting your brand in those social media posted photos.

PPAIExpo 2016
PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
Our personal favourite, this clever phone attachment by Love Handle allows the user to use one hand in order to function the phone without worrying the phone will slip.

As phones are progressively getting larger, this is a great innovative accessory that can provide aid to those on-board with the trend.

Big name brands were included on the phone attachment and this can help inspire potential brands to take the plunge and go for it!

Kudos to Love Handle.

We decided to keep an eye on this via the use of our twitter tracking system. Here were the top tweeters for the day of the PPAIExpo. Can you see yourself? 

PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
Overall this years #PPAIExpo proved to be a successful one. With keynotes fluttering, tweeters twittering and promotional products being given the stage it deserves. 

This year is going to be a big one, join us for the journey 

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