Wednesday 24 February 2016

ASI: Which Promo Products Do Students Grab Most?

Unsurprisingly Students are a HUGE fan of free stuff, just go to an IKEA store near a university town and see how popular those free pencils are. ASI has just released a report on Spring Career Fairs showing what promotional products students find most popular.
ASI: Which Promo Products Do Students Grab Most?
USB drives are extremely popular, and are always taken quicker than pens and cups. Including with this were earbuds, these proved to be more popular than sunglasses but that may be due to the weather during that time. 

More exiting ideas in promotional products came from unusual grab bags including pens, a Swiss Army knife style USB drive, and Silly Putty.  

Some companies even offered free food, as various companies gave candy, Wolf Greenfield offered branded chocolate bars and Kraft Heinz provided a smorgasbord of products such as Mac and Cheese cups and Crystal Light packets.  This just goes to prove that the closest way to someone's heart or resume is through their stomach. 

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