Friday 26 February 2016

Innovative Marketing & Design: Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Whether we like to do it or not, the truth is that every business owner would be smart to think about giving “extras” to their employees. Sure, they love their time off and flexible hours, but they probably want more than that. And, in the long, run, you want your employees to be as happy and as satisfied as possible. The happier and more satisfied they are, the more productive that they will be, and the longer they will stay with your company.

It’s important that you recognize that the people who come to work every day are the ones who bring you success. Don’t you think you should recognize them with something special? Here are some gift ideas to give your employees.

1. Apparel
Company apparel is a great gift for your employees. Wearing company shirts might seem like a negative, but most employees enjoy it. Wearing the same thing with your company logo on it makes your employees feel more like a team. Much like a sports team that is unified through their uniforms, your employees will feel much more like a united front.
Innovative Marketing & Design: Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees
2. Drink Ware
Drink ware is another great gift for your employees. Drink ware is a very useful gift because it is something that is useful in everyday life, and it is something that they will want and sometimes need. Also, putting your logo on a cup that your employees will use in front of other people will increase your brand exposure to people that you never thought of reaching before.
Innovative Marketing & Design: Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees
3. Computer Cases
Most likely your employees are going to use a computer at some point during their work. Having a fun case to put it in, that might even have your logo on it, is another great way to increase their happiness and, at the same time, increase your exposure.

4. Phone Accessories
Everyone has a phone. Everyone needs phone accessories. Whether it is a phone case or a stylus or a screen cleaner, phone accessories are things that are incredibly useful to your employees, and which they will enjoy having.
Innovative Marketing & Design: Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees
5. Travel Accessories
Travel accessories are a really good idea, especially if your employees travel for work. Maybe consider a duffel bag or some other sort of carry-on bag as an employee gift. You could even put your logo on it. Think about all the people who could see your employee on the plane or while they were traveling.

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