Monday 14 March 2016

ASI: Ted Cruz Sells 'Trump University' T-shirts

As the battle between Republican candidates rages on, Ted Cruz has unleashed a new tactic against Donald Trump. Whether you agree or disagree with Trump's policies these promotional gifts are sure to make you laugh.

For those that don't know who Ted Cruiz is, he is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Texas. He is a candidate for the Republican party and is Donald Trumps main rival. 

For this reason there is no surprise that he has released these promotional products.

Why Politics And Promotional products go so well together?

With politics almost being a race between parties and even candidates of the same party, what better way to make yourself and your political views be heard than through a promotional t-shirt or cap.

The main thing that makes this t-shirt so successful is that it is based on another unsuccessful Trump campaign that occurred before his political endeavors. This is then made hilarious by adapting "all I got was a t-shirt" to the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative program which failed very quickly. Almost questioning his leadership.

This is followed up by his previous promotional cap which again questioned Trumps leadership and debating ability by changing his quote "make America great again" to "make Trump debate again".

Here it is clear to see that Ted has gotten the wrong end of the stick promoting his views, although being funny and attractive to all those that oppose Trump, it has landed him in some dangerous lawsuits.

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