Friday 11 March 2016

Macy's Offer Complementary Montblanc Umbrella as a Gift with Purchase

Famous U.S Department Store, Macy's, are currently holding a promotion with every purchase of Montblanc fragrances. With each spend of $85 or more on any Montblanc fragrance you will receive a complimentary gift with purchase Montblanc branded umbrella.
Macy's Offer Complementary Montblanc Umbrella as a Gift with Purchase

Why is a gift with purchase a good promo idea? 

A free gift with purchase is a great incentive to persuade customers to buy your product over other brands. Furthermore, this will help to increase your overall sales, as a purchase gift can help your brand to promote new products as well as products that are perhaps not selling as well, thus increasing your product range.
Free gifts also help to increase your brand awareness, especially with this umbrella, as when used large amounts of people will see it.

Why offer an umbrella as a gift with purchase? 

An umbrella as a complimentary gift with the purchase of perfume can be a strange collaboration. However, umbrellas have a large brand potential. First of all, they have a large branding area which is great for raising your awareness and showing off your brand. Another aspect is that umbrella's are extremely useful and customers will more likely continue using it because of it's practicality. If designed well, the longer the customer will use your umbrella therefore the more your brand will be exposed. 

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