Friday 10 June 2016

Choosing Wrong Marketing Gifts

As a veteran of the Marketing Gift industry, this is one of my pet peeves.  Companies need to understand who their customers are and not offer them gifts that go direct to the bin.

AOL gave out these phone speakers at an event we recently attended.  They do not work with my phone since we are an android family.  Same thing, do not give out Samsung phone cases to iphone owners.

There are enough generic phone pouches out there, and enough adjustable phone amplifiers out there that companies should be making an effort not to alienate clients.

HSBC is another company which I hear people frequently complain about. They send car fuel vouchers to customers who do not drive, to let them know they value business.  If you do not understand your customer and send them gifts that they cannot use, then you alienate people.

The Promo Gift Blog feel that all Marketing Gift companies listed here could help companies understand their customers and propose better products for their campaigns.

The Promo Gift Blog is calling for more case studies from around the world.  What promotional products work and which do not?

Key Lesson:  Before Choosing Marketing gifts, get to know your customer.


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