Monday 13 June 2016

ASI: Research Trends for Promotional Headwear By The Numbers

The summer sunshine has already arrived in many places across the globe, which means its time to get our hats and sunscreen at the ready and ASI have released a report showing the research trends for how headwear is searched for in ESP search data's most popular product categories.  

Out of all searches for promotional product categories its interesting to see that head-wear ranked in as 9th, beating its usual and previous month's rankings of 10th or 11th place. With their popularity growing each month and simmer coming, now is the time to start considering about what promotional head gear you yourself could offer for your events, giveaways and merchandise.
To further stress headgear popularity for the summer, monthly search results on ESP found that the months of March, May and June had the most search results for headgear. Indicating people are getting ready to start donning their hats. 
Also out of the top 10  headwear items, the classic baseball cap unsurprisingly came in as most popular, along with sports headbands and sun visors also following. These options would prove to be the most powerful hat styles to market; especially with summer and sports going hand in hand.

Headgear are powerful promotional items due to the their involvements with status, history, fashion, and religion for example. And being instantly visible when worn, they make fantastic items for the summer and for showing off your brand, what do you think?

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