Monday 20 June 2016

Father's Day Promotions: Black Sheep Brewery offer Free Gift with Purchase Glass

With Father's Day only yesterday for many it's time to get your gifts ready if haven't for his special day. Black Sheep Brewery, based in Masham, North Yorkshire, well known for their loved cask, keg and bottled beers are offering a gift any father can't resist.

Whenever you purchase a 'Flock Box' containing 6 of their much loved new bottled beers, including their Black Sheep Ale, you will receive a free flock sheep branded pint glass to enjoy drinking them with. All you have to do is buy this gift box online, or in shop. 

What We Like About This Free Glass for Father's Day Promotion:

  • Branding – With the culmination of brewing expertise spanning six family generations and with an exciting array of past and current experimental flavours, this promotional glassware with the Black Sheep logo holds great value to all beer and ale lovers (fathers).
  • Product – There can never be enough glasses in a kitchen. Whether it’s friends or family visiting glasses are an essential piece of kitchen ware. Because of this a branded glass offers all those in search of one as well as some beer, this promotion is the perfect combination – offering not only the much loved beer, but something to drink it with.
  • Material – With it being a rather simply yet brand stating designed pint glass, this gives it a more traditional appearance than if it was, for example, custom shaped, keeping the classic public house touch of English drinking with this product purchase.
Promogift Blog would like to thank Black Sheep Brewery for an insight into another amazing promotion offered.

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