Monday 10 October 2016

Discover Purbeck offers free Tea Caddy with purchase

Discover Purbeck is offering a free Dorset tea caddy when purchasing £3,99 worth of Dorset tea.

This branded tin caddy is great for keeping tea bags fresh. There are multiple branding surfaces, so there is enough space to get across any kind of message. Next to looking very rustic, it offers a useful function: keeping your tea fresh!

Why do we like this gift with purchase promotional ideas for tea brands?

Offering a free gift with purchase is a great way of expanding your business.
First of all, it increases your market share if you choose the right promotional product within your marketing campaign.

Secondly, it increases your brand awareness, when people are using the product in public.
Thirdly, customer loyalty is fostered. When customers receive the gift with purchase, they will gain a good impression of your company, thus encouraging them to continue purchasing your products.

A free gift with purchase would help to increase your base of loyal customers. This is beneficial in many ways because customers have a tendency to switch brands.

1 comment:

  1. We always suggest gift-with-purchase promotions to our clients. The main reason being is they can leverage greater apparent value from a promotional gift than they can from a discount. It's always possible to find a branded item which costs a fraction of its apparent value. So by offering customers a gift which might have a retail value of 5 quid that only costs you 1 the total value of your retail offering is seen to increase substantially, without the danger of long term damage to your brand which can come with price discounting. We find consumers respond very well to gift with purchase promotion.


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