Wednesday 30 November 2016

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Promotional Products companies should give away innovative and fun products with great packaging to their customers.  Your customers will know to speak with you next time they want Custom China production if you give away a Chinese Themed fun Promo Gift.  

Order as few as 200 pcs of these Rooster Socks and Wow your customers.  Order window closes on 7th December and we are trying to limit this to 1 promotional agency per country so we are urging people to act fast.  

2017 is the Year of the Rooster according to Lunar Calendar."Roosters" are hardworking, resourceful, courageous and talented..., which seems like a fantastic animal to get branded on Promotional Socks!
Be like the Rooster, and be sure to Wake Up Early for this Sock Promotion!

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
The Promotional Products world is all about colour matching and pantones.  For this reason the Socks are made in 3 different colours.  The importance of choosing the right colour for brands is key and it is important to understand the symbolism of colours.

Important to note for Rooster Socks:

  • No Promo Gift Branding on these.  They are branded with your message.
  • Give these away with your business cards at meetings and people will remember you.
  • Socks are an up and coming promotional gift so good chance this gift will generate RFQs.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Which Rooster Sock works best for you?

Brown: A colour for the industrious and grounded. The Rooster has been a sign of punctuality since the dawn of ages, so combining this symbolism with a warm, brown tone shows that you mean business!

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Blue: This calm, neutral blue will put you in the right mood to start the Year of the Rooster off right. Stay one step ahead with these easy-going socks that will match with everything and get you noticed.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Dark Grey: An easy colour to match with smart casual outfits. This granite grey is anything but simple, and adds that little extra touch to your daily look.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Promotional Rooster Sock Pricing

If you join this small order with us the EXW costs will be as follows: 
  • 250 pcs - US$1.85/pcs.
  • 500 pcs - US$1.45 /pcs.  
  • 1000 pc - US$1.20 /pcs
  • 2000 pc - US$ 1.10 /pcs
The paper label can be customized with your logo/design - printing set up cost is 150 USD. 

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Design and QC is sponsored by Promotional Gift Blog.

Who's already involved?!

We already have client's from Australia and Canada who have seen the potential in offering a unique and original promotion right after Xmas, and what better time that for Chinese New Year celebration. 

Orb Group Has a team of Brand Enhancement staff who are ready to heighten your brand. Orb Group has offices in Glasgow, Manchester, Paris, Mumbai, Sydney and an agent in Hong Kong allowing them to:
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

- Be the first to market with new promotional ideas, allowing you to benefit from Creativity and excitement;

- Source products at the best price, allowing you to pocket the savings;

- Work directly with our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers to produce custom products that have passed vigorous quality control standards, allowing you to sleep at night.

Ideavation: They are a redefining what it means to be a full service promotional marketing agency.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
They offer complete end-to-end sourcing across North America, Europe and Asia. From strategy to product sourcing to global shipping to distribution & fulfillment.

Ideavation approach to the business blends the best domestic catalog service with the highest quality in overseas custom sourcing solutions. A risk-free, hybrid model!

Relationships are the foundation of their business success. They provide quality products, service and support, but the relationships they form with their customers are really the foundation.

Hillcrest Promotions: What do they do?

-Merchandise Management
Procurement, design, warehousing, online merchandise stored, distribution. We handle merchandise from A - Z. We will fulfill your merch needs with a programme tailored to suit YOU!

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
-Custom Made & Promotional
With factories throughout NZ & Asia we have the ability to turn your idea(or ours!) into a working model. With over 30 years; experience in importing, design and manufacturing we love being tested, throw us your curve ball.

From shoes to caps we literally kit you out from top to toe and all thats in between. We do it all, Sports Gear, Workwear, Corporate Uniforms, Casual Wear, if you can wear it, we can make it.

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