Tuesday 29 November 2016

Madison Reed offers Gift with Purchase

Hair products brand Madison Reed is offering a Gift with Purchase for orders over 39$, consisting of a holiday gift bag with travel shampoo and conditioner. This product would make a perfect holiday gift during these cold days when our hair could use a little extra Tender, Love and Care!

With the purchase of $39+ of hair products,  you will receive this promotional gift set. Within the gift set you receive a cosmetics bag with a beautiful dark purple colour: the trend of this winter season. Inside the bag is a travel-size bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Keep your hair happy everywhere you go!

Why do we like this Gift with Purchase?

Firstly, the travel bag has a nice design, which will definitely attract customers. It has a high design appeal and has a cute motivational slogan on it as well.

A bag like this also provides a convenient use: to store your travel bottles. When buying these products, you can immediately store them in a bag. Customers will definitely feel like they are getting their money's worth with this promotion.

By using such a bag for their giveaway, Madison Reed really maintains its brand reputation. They are a high-quality hair products brand, so it would only be fitting if they use a high-quality product for their promotion.

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