Thursday 24 November 2016

Sydney Promotional Products - Ribena Bounce Ball

Inck Branded Merchandise were approached by soft drink producer Ribena to create a new promotional item for their blackcurrant range as a giveaway.  These branded bounce balls were manufactured by Sydney based Promotional products specialist INCK and given away with every 1 liter bottle.

The round shape and purple colour fits perfectly with what Ribena is all about: Blackcurrants. They are presented in a cardboard display box with custom Ribena print. In every display box are 24 balls, (12 * 2 levels) with a happy face on one side and the Ribena logo on the other side.

Using fun promotional products like these will definitely help to make a lasting impression on your customers. They will remember your brand better compared to companies that do not offer Gifts with Purchase.

A branded bounce ball can be used in many places, spreading your brand name and logo far and wide!   Ribena is a drink which certainly looks to get associated with fun outdoors and healthy activities and these bouncy balls are going to keep you running and playing long term.

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