Tuesday 31 October 2017

The Pen Man

On October 29th 1945, the first ballpoint pens to be made commercially went on sale in New York. And since then, hasn't the promotional products industry boomed? We’re celebrating the underdog of our industry today as Everything Corporate’s Sales Director Martin Seymour recalls his first memory of 'The Pen Man' who used pens to promote his firm:

'Back in the day, I worked in the family business selling sports trophies. There was one customer who ran a small catering business and bought golfing trophies a few times a year. 

Every time that gentleman called in to place an order with us, he'd give us a free pen with his business branding on it. And whenever I went to visit other local traders, I would always see his pens getting used too! As a result, he became a well-known figure in our local area. 

Over the years, the pen man - or rather, his catering services - were often used by my family. We'd hire him for things like family parties and corporate events. 

These days, he has a team of people working for him, so I seldom see him in person, but his staff continues his tradition of pen-giving'. 

Promotional pens are a staple of the industry, and the possibilities are endless nowadays. Everything Corporate has a wide range of ballpoint pens, gel pens, stylus pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens and so much more. Whatever your choice, you are sure to make a powerful impact with a pen.

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