Wednesday 24 October 2018

Custom Lapel Pins & Badges - Brand Awareness Builders

In business marketing we’re always on the lookout for a low cost branded items which pack a punch. Because of their low unit price and longevity custom lapel pins are one of the best value options available. Always working to make your brand more visible pins and badges are also exclusive personal gift items which people cherish and value far beyond their cost. Every company and organisation should keep some on hand because with a unit cost of cost only a dollar or two there’s room for them in every budget. Pins and badges are simple and effective items which can last a lifetime ensuring your marketing investment will keep paying dividends for years to come.

Next time you watch the evening news and enjoy the spectacle of one of our noble political masters explain their latest failure, take a close look at the lapel of their expensive tailored suit. Most likely you’ll see a custom lapel pin which shows either the flag of the country they represent or a community organisation they wish to promote that day. Simply attaching a lapel pin or badge to clothing demonstrates support and provides a constant visible reminder to everyone of the principles on which the organisation stands.

If you are involved with a community group, charity or sports club which is looking for cost effective ways to provide a gift for sponsors and supporters custom made badges are a time-honoured solution. They are cheap, yet exclusive to the organisation and it’s easy to produce a range of pins or custom badges with variable designs which can be used to reward different levels of sponsor support. In the world of business many companies provide year of service lapel pins to loyal staff which can share a common design theme but celebrate the individual achievements of supporters and staff. This flexibility is one of the many reasons pins and badges are such popular promotional ideas.

The low unit cost of producing lapel pins is a good reason to order but the other consideration is the simplicity of getting a final design produced. Fresh Promotions offers a free design service so the whole ordering process is simple. While preparing designs for custom branding of many promotional items can be difficult this is not the case with custom pins. Just send us you logo and the preferred impression you wish to display our experienced pin designers will produce a finished design based on years of designing thousands of different styles.

There are many different types of custom lapel pins and badges so there’s a style to suit every application and organisation. If you’re promoting an event, or handing out the pins at a function, a model which includes a flashing LED light and battery will create colour and movement and guarantee your message gets noticed. A hard enamel or cloisonné lapel pin is a long lasting, stylish gift while a die cast or stamped metal style is the perfect way for a simple design to be shown to full advantage. Soft enamel pins can be produced at a low unit price so thousands can be handed out without breaking the bank. As far as cheap corporate gifts a conference or to reward sponsors of your club a custom lapel pin is a proven way to maximise return on your promotional spend.

Author Bio - Bill McGrath is the founder and Managing Director of Fresh Promotions, one of Australia’s leading promotions agencies with dozens of the nation's top 100 companies as long-term clients. With many years experience in retail and trade promotions clients have come to depend on Bill’s advice in sourcing promotional products in Australia which enhance the values of their brand.

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