Tuesday 6 November 2018

The Growing Popularity of Promotional Sports Products

As businesses and the marketing mix evolves, more and more men and women are discovering the undeniable benefits of promotional products. Backed up by data from the BPMA, they are proven to be more memorable, cheaper, and more effective than any other promotional methods of advertising, beating television and even internet ads.

Being in a business world, the most popular items in the past have always been the likes of pens and other desk items, hoping that they are going to be used much more on a daily basis. However, promotional products have evolved since then, and the market has been saturated with too many of the same items. Go to any business trade show or convention and it is almost guaranteed you will walk out with two or three pens or USB sticks, if not more.

In a time when you need to stand out from the competition and portray your brand as more innovative and creative, handing out the same items as everyone else does is not going to do the trick. Marketers are beginning to realise that in order to be remembered, more thought and effort needs to go into the promotional products.

People are grasping that in order for your brand to be memorable, you need to provide people with something awesome, something that they cannot possibly forget. It’ true that handing out fewer good quality products is far better and far more reaching than handing out way too many bad quality and cheap gifts. The aim of a promotional product is to capture people’s attention, and that cannot be done nowadays with a throwaway item.

As an idea, you want to promote a few basic key concepts about your own brand: Proactive, able to work well as a team, and ultimately, fun people to work alongside. More and more people are turning towards an entirely positive-looking idea: sport. There are more and more marketers that understand that nearly everyone has an interest in sport and some of the largest attended and watched events in the world are related to sport.

Therefore, more individuals are looking towards sporting promotional gifts, everything from mini rugby balls to golf balls to even branded American footballs. With sport being truly unlimited and always evolving, there are so many different products and tactics you can take, knowing that both businesses and consumers are going to enjoy the same products, be it bottles or footballs. Even with sales and business meetings happening at sporting hospitality events and on the golf course, the idea of a promotional sports product is bound to have a much larger effect than a regular desk item.

One of the most popular needs that marketers want from a promotional gift is that it is picked up and used. With a saturated market of pens, you cannot be certain they aren’t going to be left in a drawer with half a dozen other pens. With sporting products, you can place a very safe bet that they are going to be used. They are going to be looked at, they are going to be shown off, maybe even on the likes of social media. Even if your client doesn’t like the gift, he is most definitely going to pass it on – these are items you are not likely to just hide away. The more your brand is on show, the more your brand is remembered.

Of course, the goal with promotional products is not just to be remembered, but you need to convince people to come back to you. This needs to be reflected in your promotional products. Something ordinary is less likely to sway someone than something different, something with a “wow” factor. Sporting gifts are definitely one of the ways to achieve this.

From schools and charities to builders’ merchants and law firms, everyone is realising how the celebratory and unifying idea of sport can be brought into the business world. Any salesperson will tell you the key to landing those sales is not the price of the product, but the relationship you have with the customer. With a personal touch like promotional sports products, brands are becoming more popular and achieving more.

Author Bio:
Sam Platt is the Marketing Executive for Pavilion Promotional, the suppliers of premium quality promotional sports products. Being a keen sports fan as well as a marketer means that it has been an easy place to find a home and a team to feel an integral part of.

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