Tuesday 19 March 2019

EverythingBranded Name New Head of Design

EverythingBranded is delighted to announce their new Head of Design, Pierce Robson. 
Robson takes on the role of Head of Design from his previous role as Graphic Designer, as a result of undeniable hard work and dedication. Since joining as a Graphic Designer in early 2017, Robson has gained full visibility of the structure, size and potential of the promotional product industry on a global scale, bringing with him this wealth of company knowledge and experience to the role.
Robson states: “I’m grateful that I have been given the opportunity to become Head of Design in a company that continues to grow year on year, it’s a really exciting time to be part of this company.
It’s also a great feeling to work for a company who nurtures its staff and wants to see you progress with them. 
My focus within my new role is making the design process in general a lot easier for all parties involved, by altering and improving elements of our design process and how we deal with requested work, I believe we can make an even better customer experience.”
Paul Rowlett, CEO and Founder of EverythingBranded has said, “We’re thrilled to have Pierce as our Head of Design, a truly deserved internal promotion. His experience and knowledge of design will benefit EverythingBranded enormously. We can’t always promote from within, but we are dedicated to helping our employees grow and achieve their full potential within the company whenever we can, and with Pierce, this is a perfect example of that!
We look forward to seeing Pierce take the lead of our Design Team ahead of another amazing year for EverythingBranded”
EverythingBranded prides itself on its skilled and experienced in-house Design Team who work closely with clients to create and ensure the artwork provided is an excellent and print ready quality.
To learn more about EverythingBranded and their vast range of promotional products they offer, visit their website – https://www.everythingbranded.co.uk/. 

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