Monday 15 April 2019

What's Going On In The Promotional Industry?

We have completed the first quarter of the year and the promotional industry has grown rapidly. So, we thought of updating you with the latest buzz from the big players in the promotional and marketing sector.

Here's an innovative biodegradable poncho is made from LDPE+EPI. This could be a great rainy promotion; marketing whilst protecting the environment.

They could create the most versatile polo. Regardless of where it will be worn, they'll help you find a polo with the perfect style and features that are fit for your marketing needs.

These bright LED colours will be the centre of attraction in Sydney's Vivid Festival. Create your own Vivid Event and have fun with brightly coloured LEd promotional merchandise items

A lot of businesses use National Nurses Day to highlight their brand. They approach hospitals and provide nurses with freebies. Many hospitals, clinics and hospices also approach Promo Direct for useful promotional items. They've made things easier for you by featuring 5 desirable giveaways for this occasion

While they’re certainly not a new concept, promo giveaways are still an important and strategic marketing route. ePromos has listed 10 of their favourite promotional swag giveaways ideas for your next offline gifting event.

To ensure you are covered, you should look to offer a product from a well-known, reputable manufacturer of travel adaptors, such as Skross, who is one of the market leaders in innovative mobile tech. Their travel adapters all meet British Standards for safety, and whilst we currently only stock one model, more will be on the way very soon

When you decide to host a big event, ordering promotional t-shirts for all of your attendees is a surefire way to generate goodwill for your brand and increase your visibility in the local community. Over 58% of consumers in America own promotional t-shirts, and in their lifespan, each t-shirt will generate an average of 2,500 impressions. This makes a t-shirt one of the best-value promos available.

These smart stickers will revolutionize the phone industry one sticker at a time. 

The season for outdoor events is finally here, and RC Denver has got the swag to help you drive profits and make your outdoor event as memorable as possible!  Boost your brand with these five great branded products you can sell or give away at your event

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