Wednesday 1 July 2020

The First Virtual Edition of the Canton Fair Sparks Mixed Reviews

Tracking #CantonFair on Twitter

It has been almost 2 weeks since the 127th Canton Fair began and we are at the grand finale of the Canton Fair on 25 June. Before reading this blog be sure to check out our guest blog from Mindsparkz published at the start of the Canton Fair!

Virtual Edition of Canton Fair

The coronavirus situation has forced organisers to move China's most famous import and export trade fair (since 1957) online. This first virtual edition of the Canton Fair has sparked mixed reviews from participants. Some buyers expressed frustration in the lack of interaction, low-quality user experience and alleged photoshop images, while others said it was a good first effort.

There are definitely limitations to the Canton Fair being held online with some buyers saying that the forum was not suitable for deals and trades. One of the best things about the Canton Fair is the interaction with the products and the immediate response you get when talking to suppliers. Of course these features are not at all possible when the fair went online this year.

In this online edition exhibitors could showcase their products through online showrooms via live streams while others prerecorded their showcases. We can see why some participants were disappointed in the lack of physical interaction. Furthermore online communication was limited and slow which took away from the whole Canton Fair experiences buyer and suppliers look forward to each year.

"At this online event, you do not see anyone. There is no interaction. The whole feeling of the exhibit is not there" a buyer said.

While the whole world is forced to move most of our interactions online and some people will say that it has brought some positive impact. The Canton Fair is no exception this year. What do you think? Did you think that this year's virtual Canton Fair could have been much better? Or did you think it was a good first effort? Let us know! Send us a guest blog or interview. 

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What has been Happening at the 127th #CantonFair

Aside from the negative reviews surrounding the Canton Fair let's take a look at some of what brands have been showcasing on Twitter 

Eisho Display shows us how a live stream this Canton Fair looks like behind the scenes. Even a pandemic won't be able to disrupt the ongoing of China's largest trade fair. How did your live stream look like?

Meet Hisense's H.I.D.B made for the ultimate meeting experience. See the future of television and see the incredible in this year's virtual Canton Fair. Where technology meets technology online.

Have you been seen furniture brands like Ikea adopting a virtual approach for customers to better visualise their homes with the furniture they are planning to buy? Well you'll be seeing that at Canton Fair too. Explore office furniture online visualising them from your office or the comfort of your home. 

Again where technology meets technology online. Large domestic appliances can be broadcast live from all over the world. This is one example from KONKA experience exquisite product and wonderful life through their online booth

What have Tweeters Been Saying?

As we tracked the hashtags and data sets of Tweets surrounding the Canton Fair. We formed the word cloud above from the data sets from the past 3 weeks and as the trade fair was ongoing. The sizes of the words vary from the frequency of the words, the larger the word the higher the frequency. Let’s see what the Tweets have been saying! Just from a glance we can see that the words “Online”, “InnovationsFromHome” and “live”.

Many brands showcasing their products have to do so from their home country! Canton Fair organisers have promised “around-the-clock services for online product promotion, matchmaking and business negotiations” on their official website. Each exhibitor will get to have their own live stream where they can broadcast their content around the clock during the Canton Fair. With the limitations of physical interaction and exchange the industry is making the best of the situation at hand. This is truly innovation from home! 

Top Tweeters! Do You See Yourself?

Twitter allows for direct engagement from brand to customer, start conversations, begin retweeting and get your product and exhibitions out there! Do you see yourself as part of the top influencers with #CantonFair? As this year’s Canton Fair is held online, social media engagement has become more important than ever. With the limitations of this year's fair lets continue to spread product innovation and exchanging of ideas we got from the Fair!

This year's Canton Fair has definitely been one the world has never seen before. Send us a guest blog or interview on your experience on this year's CantonFair!

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