Wednesday 19 October 2011

Scratch & Win Cards : A successful promotion concept

No matter what field you're working in, whether sports, consumer goods, or even events, Scratch & Win Card promotions are always highly successful. They grab your customers' attention and create a form of interactive promotion in between you and them.

Scratch & Win card for charity association
The concept is simple. Each time a customer buys one of your products he has right to a Scratch & Win card. In order to know if his one or not he needs to key in his details into your website. A lucky few win.

Scratch & Win promotions have proven efficient on many different levels and for many varied  purposes:
  • enhance brand awareness : imagine thousands branded with your logo present in your major distributors locations
  • increase sales : the perfect incentive to buy
  • increase customer loyalty : customers keep coming back for more
  • enrich your customer database
  • boost your fundraising efforts

One fun fact to keep in mind is that studies have shown that people interact 10 times more with S&W cards than with coupons, even though with coupons bring sure benefits whereas S&W cards are uncertain. So remember : people love a game!

Scratch & Win card promotion by Ben & Jerry's Ice cream

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