Thursday 4 July 2013

The Art of Printing Promotional Products

Welcome to the lucrative world of promotional products! This industry has grown by leaps and bounds, supplying. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of giveaways as tools for brand recall.

Look around and you will find several giveaways such as t-shirts, mugs, pens and drinkware featuring a brand logo. This article will take you behind the scenes to explore the different printing processes involved in getting quality logos on promotional items:

Various Promotional Products for Branding

Screen Printing: The Song Dynasty in China first introduced this printing more than thousand years ago. Over the years, several enhancements have been made to make the process more efficient. Among the more popular printing processes, Screen Printing uses a framed mesh along with an ink-blocking stencil to create the desired image. Even though this process is commonly used to personalize clothing, they can be used on a variety of other materials such as paper and glass as well.

Pad Printing: This process transfers ink to a surface by using a metal plate. This plate has a film that creates the printable image on exposure to UV light. The plate is then stamped on a bulk of promotional products to provide accurate and timely printing. Pad printing can be used on a variety of surfaces such as glass, plastic, ceramic, wood and glass.

Hot Foil Printing: This process uses a metallic plate with letters to hot stamp the desired artwork on a product. This dry and ink free process works perfectly on plastic, wood, leather and paper.

Heat Transfer Printing: This process uses intense heat to imprint the logo on material. When you want to imprint full color images on garments, then heat transfer is the printing method you should go for. This process is used on shirts and bags.

Laser Engraving: This process is simple and clean. The logos are loaded into a laser engraving system and then imprinted on products such as metallic pens, awards, jewelry and crystal ware.

Embossing/Debossing: This process gives your logo a trendy and 3-dimensional look. Dies are created from metal in your logo's shape. Your product is placed between the dies; heat and pressure is then applied to create the desired image you want. This process is used on chocolate packs and leather-based items.

Embroidery: This process makes your logo looks great on clothing with stitching. Items such as caps, blankets, shirts and pants will look great with your logo once the embroidery work is complete.

Digital Printing: This process is also known as CMYK and offers full-color printing. A notch above Screen Printing, this form of printing uses actual printing rather than screens. Digital printing is used on magnets, notebooks and mouse pads.

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