Wednesday 10 July 2013

Top 5 Cigar Accessories Not To Miss!

A cigar is a tightly rolled collection of tobacco that you smoke and a very different beast to the more mundane cigarette. Christopher Columbus is generally credited for the introduction of tobacco into Europe after his discovery of America.

Cigars are becoming increasingly popular, but if you want to truly embark upon a cigar experience then it’s important to have all of the right accessories to go along with it. Storing cigars correctly and having the appropriate equipment to smoke them is very important.

Below is a simple guide to the top 5 cigar accessories that are essential for any cigar lover.

1) Cigar Lighter
A lighter is an absolutely essential cigar accessory. Without this you cannot light the cigar rendering it unusable and delegating it to being simply a decoration.

Cigar lighters come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and you can even get them on a key ring so that they are easily locatable and constantly with you (as long as you have your keys anyway). Without a lighter a cigar will not be able to provide you with the pleasure it promises, so it is absolutely essential that you purchase this accessory first.

2) Cigar Ash Tray
A cigar ashtray is another of the top cigar accessories. Just like when you smoke a cigarette, cigars also produce ash and that needs to be disposed of. Having an ashtray is the safest and easiest way of collecting and disposing of any ash from the cigar you are smoking.

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You don’t want to end up with ash on your best suit, dress or all over the furniture. Investing in an ashtray is therefore a great and simple idea. It is an effective means of collecting the unwanted ash that you can then simply throw away later on.

3) Cigar Cutters
A cigar cutter is designed to be used to cut one end of the cigar so that it may be smoked. Although some cigars are already cut on both ends, the majority come with one end in a ‘cap’, which must be cut off for the cigar to be smoked.

Although this end of the cigar may be bitten or cut off with a knife, if the end is cut in a jagged fashion then the cigar will not burn evenly resulting in some smokeable tobacco being lost. For this reason, a cigar cutter is one of the most useful accessories you can purchase.

4) Cigar Humidors
A humidor is a type of box with a constant level of humidity that is used to store cigars. They are usually made out of wood or acrylic glass for private use, although cigar shops sometimes have entire rooms set up as humidors.

Keeping cigars in a humidor discourages eggs of tobacco beetles from hatching and maintains the cigars for a longer length of time. It is also important that the humidor is not stored in direct sunlight as if the cigars get too hot then this can lead to cigar rotting or worm infestation. 

5) Humidor Kit
The humidor accessory kit is a collection of dispensing jars that are kept open in the humidor. This ensures that the humidor is kept at just the right temperature and humidity level. This usually lasts for about 90 days before it needs changing.

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Humidor accessory kits are very important if you plan on storing your cigars in a humidor as they ensure that it is working properly and your cigars are safe.

With these 5 fantastic cigar accessories you will be well prepared to enjoy and look after your cigars in style.

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