Thursday 21 January 2016

Cubic Promote: Story of success

One of the first promotional products ever was a leather school bag with a big 'Buy Cantwell Shoes' inscription written on it. American nation fathers also saw huge benefits promotional merchandise brings and launched set of commemorative buttons, for George Washington’s election. Since then the love between marketing departments and promotional products manufacturers continued to build up, until today when we receive dozens of promotional products every week.

Cubic Promote: Story of success
15 Million items in stock
Direct contact between corporate entities and product manufacturers, was always a very difficult way to obtain batches of promotional merchandise. Then several visionaries saw the opportunity and founded promotional product distributive companies. These companies directly sell promotional products to businesses and enable them to obtain their merchandise fast and for modest prices. Cubic Promote is one of these companies and it provides wide variety of different categories of promotional merchandise, which includes both standard products like: pens, umbrellas and bags, as well as large number of unique products like: vuvuzelas, cow bells and tattoo sleeves. Cubic Promote has more than 15 million individual promotional items in their stock.

All cool items from distributor’s stock need to be perfectly branded, to enhance products promotional capabilities. Distributors use different ways for branding products they sell. Cubic Promote uses wide variety of different methods for this purpose and some of these are:

  • Pad Printing- placing images or text on solid and smooth surfaces. It is used for pens, mugs, toys, etc.
  • Embroidery- patching stitches, it is mostly used for clothes and head gear.
  • Screen printing- transferring ink through mash screen, it is used for T shirts, bottles, etc.
  • Laser engraving- engraving products with power lasers, used for key rings, watches, trophies, etc.
  • Digital printing- computer printing, used for stickers, notebooks, and many other paper products. 
Cubic Promote: Story of success

Social Conciseness
Finally we come to the most important criterion for choosing not only promotional merchandise distributor, but any other type of business partner. Socially conscious and responsible companies, tend to be more honest and dedicated in providing the best possible service.
Cubic Promote also follows these principles, and during their work, they collected more than $18,100 for the support of:

  • Orangutan Project;
  • Mental Health Associations of NSW and Western Australia; 
  • Telstra Child Flights;
  • Unicef;
  • Multi Cap Queensland;
  • Queensland Ambulance Service, and many other humanitarian and civic organizations and institutions.

Since good quality promotional material can increase both company sales and customer loyalty, it is advisable for all businesses to purchase their promotional products from respected distributors. Cubic Promote is one of the leaders in promotional merchandise distribution in Australia. They offer further support and long warranty for each product they sell, which is why many successful businesses use their wide selection of products in their marketing campaigns.

About the Author: 
 Lilly J. Adams is a marketing blogger at Bizzmarkblog, working with different marketing agencies across Australia and has recently started a career in blogging.

Cubic Promote is based in Australia and supplies products and merchandise that is customized with your logo or branding. They stock and brand products locally which means they can offer amazingly fast delivery times. Their products are used during occasions everyday all around Australia including items used for Fund Raising | Corporate Gifting | Marketing | Parties | Giveaways | Rewards and more.

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