Wednesday 20 January 2016

Promotional Power of Watches

There is nothing more iconic than passing a long term employee an engraved watch for their many years of service, be it in the work place or military, this tradition has been going for decades. Watches are one of the most high quality gifts you can offer. With an air of sophistication that can come with such a gift, it's no surprise that it is one of the most popular gifts in the corporate world, as can be seen with the Original 90's Apple Watches.
Promotional Power of Watches
This is all not to say that promotional watches need to be Rolex, as we have discussed many times before promotional products can come in any value or style. It is how they are presented and their overall target:
  • Are you aiming for quality or quantity? 
  • Are you rewarding current clients or attracting new clients?
  • Finally are you offering these limited edition or long term? 
Promotional Power of Watches
As can be seen in the example of Burger King, promotional watches can come in any form, offered for free with a meal. These watches carry the Rugrats branding, as part of the marketing campaign of the Rugrats Movie, and come in 4 different designs. These were the perfect product to be offered for targeting children, the main target audience of a Value meal and Rugrats film. 

Promotional Power of Watches
As can be seen with these Swiss Manchester United branded watches from Bulova,  you can blend promotion with high quality. What fan of Manchester United wouldn't want to be able to wear this fashionable accessory while being able to show their allegiance, but this isn't the only sports-centric watch on offer as can be seen with this branded silicone watch.
Promotional Power of Watches
These are perfect for actually undertaking sports, the fantastic branding potential on offer with silicone is especially highlighted here. With a small screen, the whole structure can be customized to fit your choice in colour and room for a logo on the top. This is fantastically highlighted in the Manchester United colour scheme of red and black.

In summary, what we can take away from this is that in any form, quality or price watches have a great degree of promotional potential, and we at PromoGift Blog are always on the look out for exciting products that can boost brand awareness such as these. 

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