Wednesday 30 September 2020

Join the Discussion on #PromoChat !

This year we followed the hashtag #promochat on Twitter to track the tweets in our industries. As a Promo Gift blog, we are constantly tracking and reviewing new things happening in the promotional products industry. Looking for new inspiration and trends of promotional products to keep ourselves as well as our readers as updated as possible.

Each week an active group of promotional product professionals get together on Twitter for #promochat. All you would have to do is visit @promokitchen's twitter profile and answer the questions posted. This way you would get updated on the happenings of the promotional world while learning from peers in the industry.

Tracking the hashtag #PromoChat

Here at Promo Gift blog, we managed to gather data from the tweets with the hashtag #promochat and formed a  wordcloud. The size of the words are varied based on frequency of mentions, the bigger it is, the more mentions it has. 

Looking at the wordcloud, we can immediately tell "diversification" and "change" stands out the most.This is expected as most of the questions in #promochat are about diversifying and changing marketing standards.  

We can also see a prominent appearance of "inspiration" this is due to the need for inspiration to come up with unique marketing ideas and promotional products. The importance of having new and unique promotional items ultimately help brands stay ahead by boosting sales and increasing brand recall.

This word cloud is a great way to find out what people in the industry are interested and tweeting about. As a fast moving and thriving promotional products industry, this enables us to see the growing trends and trends that stick.

Top Tweeters for #Promochat. Do You See Yourself?

We also tracked the top users on Twitter over 4000 tweets on this topic and who used the hashtag #promochat. Hashtags are a great way to make your profile more easily discoverable by users, as well as to categorise content on the platform. It is a great way to boost your social media engagement to gain followers and boost your brand's visibility.

Here are some of the top users on Twitter in the industry that used the hashtag #promochats to join the discussion. It takes dedication to join in the conversation every week with industry peers!

#Promochat is an amazing way to keep up with the industry's latest trends, as well as to bounce ideas off your fellow industry peers. Every week they discuss new topics such as motivational roadblocks, finding purpose and customer onboarding. These are valuable discussions for the community.

Keep up to date in the Promotional Products Industry

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