Monday 21 December 2020

New Amazon Platform to offer Custom T-Shirts Services

Did you hear? Amazon just became a virtual tailor! They recently debuted a new service that enables users to order custom-fit T-shirts with personalised label, online.
The platform "Made For You", allows users to provide details about your weight, height and body types along with 2 images through Amazon's app or website. Next, you select which of two cotton-based fabrics you’d like the T-shirt to be. The shirts come in eight colors, and users can pick which one they’d like. They can also choose how long they want the shirt and its sleeves to be as well as determine fit-type.

Another sign of just how much the personalization pheomenon is continuing to accelerate, Amazon can print your name on the shirt's label. Your shirt creation will be reviewed on a virtual version of yourself, and after making some edits, you can place your order. Just for the low price of $25.
Made For You may expand to other styles and items in the future, so you could eventually have an entire of made-to-measure apparel from Amazon. There have been some privacy concerns regarding the service, however Amazon ensures users that photos are deleted after it uses them to create a virtual body double. Amazon says a user can update or delete size information at any time.
Some promotional products companies have opted for systems that ensure the end-user gets a product they want by giving them a code or an access link to shop for a branded product. In theory, Amazon could give end-users a business card or sticker with a link on it where they can go on and create their own shirt exactly to their specifications. 
Made For You represents yet another step for Amazon in its continued expansion into custom merchandise. Earlier in September, the company made investments in on-demand digital printing equipment with its $400 million Kornit deal. And it has been slowly but methodically building its Merch by Amazon business over the last few years, most recently with the addition of a new facility.

Keep up to date in the Promotional Products Industry

In a trading update released on October 31, 4Imprint announced that encouraging progress has been made despite continous disruptive efforts as a result of the pandemic.

Unethical PPE Players in the Promotional Industry

As a result of the pandemic, many in the promotional products industry have turned to selling PPE to stay in business and help meet society's demand for the protective equipment. 

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